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When words are not enough for your Final Farewell

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"As I was holding the dove my heart was beating so fast.
I could feel the dove’s heart beating in my hand,
it was like our heartbeats became one
and the dove knew how much I loved you,
and when I released it, the whole world knew too.

It’s not just releasing a dove …it’s releasing my love"

Welcome To True Dove Ways – Wedding Doves And Funeral Doves

We supply Wedding Doves and Funeral Doves for release in Essex, Kent and London.

Wedding Doves and Funeral Doves
Bonding with my 5 week old babies

Hi, I’m Cathy and I am the proud owner of 85 beautiful white homing doves that primarily are my pets, but they are available to hire to release as Wedding Doves or Funeral Doves in Essex, London or Kent.

I spend most of my time with them, ensuring they are healthy, happy and in pristine condition.

They live in South Ockendon, Essex, and will return home
to my garden after their release.

At 9am every morning I let them out and they are free to fly
wherever they want all day.

They return home before dark and I tuck them up in their loft
to keep them safe from cats and foxes.

They have a natural homing instinct, and can find their way home
from 100’s of miles away, but I also like to think that they come home of their own free will because they know they are safe with me.

If you would like to make a booking or an enquiry for Wedding Doves or Funeral Doves, please fill in the contact form or whatsapp me  on  07958 121041  for free advice.


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    Thanks for bringing your doves for our special day.

    We couldn’t believe it when we saw them, what a surprise!

    Our friends and family couldn’t stop talking about them.

    I cant wait to see the photo’s.


    Our wedding doves were PERFECT. So sweet and friendly.

    They really fitted in with our Vintage style and birdcage theme.

    Thanks for all your help.

    funeral Dove by True Dove Ways

    Just to say thank you Cathy for your services today.

    I think we gave Nan a lovely send off and your doves added the finishing touch.

    How kind to give us a gift, we will treasure it always.


    Thanks Cathy.

    I know it sounds silly, but releasing the doves, brought me so much comfort, just like you said it would.

    I will recommend you, you offer such a wonderful service.