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Valentines Day Doves

February is here at last !    Valentines day is fast approaching people, so why not propose with white doves.  Its so romantic and definitely unique !

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Wedding Doves for 2019

Wedding doves by True Dove Ways. Happy New Year to all you newly engaged couples. Planning your wedding will be incomplete without booking your dove release so get in touch to secure your date. Wedding doves are the most romantic and probably the least expensive thing on your big...

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Wedding Doves and Funeral Doves

We are having a very busy summer releasing our wedding doves and funeral doves.  People often ask me do the doves fy home after they are released and the answer is yes they do.   In fact, they get home before me ! Our doves do not stop on...

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Baskets for Funeral Doves

Releasing funeral doves at the end of a cremation or burial is a beautiful way to end the service of your loved one.   It leaves a long lasting memory in peoples minds as it may well be the first time they have ever seen doves being released at...

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New Website

Since renewing our website, we have had so many wonderful comments regarding our doves for weddings and doves for funerals. The main comment seems t be how friendly the site looks, and how well our doves are looked after … I can only agree because its absolutey true !...

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Come and See us at Home

Are you consideringreleasing doves on your wedding day ? Not sure ? You are very welcome to come and visit us at home and do a trial release. You are under no obligation to book and we can answer any of your questions. Just call us to book in.

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Funeral Doves and Wedding Doves

Our beautiful white doves have now molted and have their brand new feathers.  They look stunning.   Oh how I wish that molting season was in December instead of August/October, right smack bang in the middle of wedding season.  Its such a shame that just when the doves are...

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