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Funeral Doves and Wedding Doves

Funeral Doves and Wedding Doves

Our beautiful white doves have now molted and have their brand new feathers.  They look stunning.   Oh how I wish that molting season was in December instead of August/October, right smack bang in the middle of wedding season.  Its such a shame that just when the doves are looking their prettiest its the time they are not seen so much because the wedding season has come to an end.

Wedding doves in the winter are outstanding as they seem to gleam in the snow.  We offer a slight discount and of course if the weather is very bad we will return your money if we have to call off the release.  Our doves safety must come first.

Our Funeral doves are also beautifully feathered now,  so our funeral doves are presented in a decorated basket

soft and wonderful to hold.  You can feel their little heartbeat in your hands.

Funeral Doves and Wedding Doves

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