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Wedding Doves and Funeral Doves

Wedding Doves

We are having a very busy summer releasing our wedding doves and funeral doves.  People often ask me do the doves fy home after they are released and the answer is yes they do.   In fact, they get home before me !

Our doves do not stop on the way home, they fly directly back from the release, flying up to 50 miles an hour, but of course, they can avoid the traffic jams !

How great would that be eh ?

It makes me smile when people say “will they be fylying back into the basket” ?   Haha,  I wish I could train them to do that, I would take them on Britains Got Talent.

So remember, when you release wedding doves or funeral doves,  they should be the type of bird with homing instinct .  Please make sure the company you are using guarantees this.

Bye for now, Cathy

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